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Happy National Dog Day! Today is National Dog ...In honor of the 10th annual National Dog Day, Auto Trader put together a list of the best cars for dog lovers. Nominees feature conveniences such as fold-flat seats, rear-lift gate, low ride height, containment barriers, sunroof options, airy cabin and a chewable door handle. Read more...

Best cars for dogs, according to Auto Trader

Today is National Dog Day and if you respond to National Dog Day with, “Isn’t every day dog day?” then you’ve never been a dog.

This is why we ONLY sell foods that have NEVER had a recall. We are very concerned about customers buying their pet foods from large manufactures. Our foods are made by family owned companies in small batches. To be safe order your food here: Mars Petcare is recommending that customers either discard the remainder of the food, or return the bag of food to the Dollar General Store it was purchased at for a full refund or replacement. For more information on the recall, you can call 1-800-305-5206 or visit

Mars Petcare Recalls 22 Bags of Pedigree Dog Food | petMD

Mars Petcare announced a voluntary recall this week for a small number of their Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition dog food packages.

Check out our website for a gallery pets available for adoption!

Welcome to The Family Puppy | Puppies For Sale | Pet Supplies

We are a family owned and operated Michigan based company with five convenient locations serving Southeast Michigan and now opening our sixth location in Toledo, Ohio. We have been matching families and puppies since 1998 with over 100 years of combined experience in our family management team while always maintaining an A+ BBB rating. We use our experience and knowledge every day to provide the same service for you that we would for our own family!

Celebrate National Dog Day - If you don't have a dog to celebrate... talk to someone who does! Dogs add LIFE!

PICK of the LITTER - HERE ARE THE PICS OF THE LITTER WE GOT TODAY. The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is strong, agile and well-coordinated. It is a happy, playful, spirited and friendly terrier. Alert, they seldom bark unnecessarily. It makes a great watchdog and barks at the arrival of guests. It is usually very loving with children and gets along reasonably well with other dogs. These dogs have a puppy attitude that remains with them throughout their lives. They are sweet-tempered, docile and self-confident. The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is good for apartment life. These dogs are moderately active indoors and a small yard will do. The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier does not shed in the spring and fall, but loose hair should be combed out of the coat from time to time. A well-groomed dog will shed very little. This breed is good for allergy suffers. Height: Males 18 - 20 inches Females 17 - 19 inches Weight: Males 35 - 45 pounds Females 30 - 40 pounds

Soft Coated Wheatens are in the house - Stop by and see them. Wheatens tend to be less scrappy than other terriers but they are true terriers and will be more active than many other breeds, enjoying plenty of exercise every day. They relate well to children and can adapt to city, country, and suburban life. The Wheaten is single coated and sheds minimally, but needs regular grooming to keep its coat mat free. Learn more about this wonderful breed by clicking below...

Get to know the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Right breed for you? Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier information including personality, history, grooming, pictures, videos, how to find a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and AKC standard.

These hot days... Make sure to offer your pets plenty of water!

It's about time the universities learned something from the dogs! Dogs relieve stress and allow us to love life... we've known this for years. More and more colleges are allowing dogs in the dorms.

Colorado college allows students to have pets in dorms

It's move-in day at the University of Northern Colorado, and this year some students are being allowed to bring their cats or dogs to live with them in dorms.

Let The Family Puppy help you find a life-long companion.

The Bulldoggles are in! 3/4 English Bulldog, 1/8 Pug and 1/8 Beagle. Stop in and see them. Click here to see all the new puppies for this week.

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