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Apparently, singing the song of their people together...

Just wanted to tell you we were impressed by how clean and nice Family Puppy is. Tricia was a wealth of info. We also went to another "pet shop" near you and it was crowded, and it seemed their staff was much more interested in selling you their package, than helping you decide which pup might be the best fit for our lifestyle. Decision time for us now, there are 3 possibilities. Thanks again, cathie & neil.

BAN THEM. ALL ARE PUPPY MILL DOGS. I WENT ONCE AND ASKED ABOUT THE DRUGED OR IT SEEMED LIKE IT WAS AN ENGLISH BULLDOG. IT WAS 6000$. I ASKED WHY AND THEY FAVE NO RESPONSE. WE ASKED IF IT HAD A PEDIGREE. THEY SAID THEY COULDN'T FIND IT BUT WOULD GET IT TO US IN 6-8 weeks. The puppy while holding it seemed lethargic. We ran a dog rescue for 9 years so we know a lot about puppies, moms and fathers. WE BELIEVE THE PUPS ARE DRUGGED TI BE CALM. NO ONE WITH KIDS OR A BUSY LIFE WANTS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF A PUPPY THAT PEES AND POOS EVERY TIME THEY DRINK OR EAT. THEY WANT A PUPPY THAT IS QUIET, THAT IS HOUSEBROKEN AND THAT DOESNT CHEW. Trust me that does not happen. Puppies do all of the above. You have to give them a toy that is better than the table leg. Swat them when doing wrong. Not hard but a deep voice while swatting saying their name. Bun a week they will catch on. If not keep going.

Post your best "sleeping with your dog" photo Here's 10 great ones!

Sleeping With Dogs: 10 Signs You’re Doing It Wrong

Sleeping With Dogs: 10 Signs You’re Doing It Wrong Now you know where morning breath comes from. – Source Uhmm…this is kinda weird. – Source You have a head warmer – Source 1 2 3 4Next Related Posts 20 T-Shirts Only Serious Dog Lovers Would Wear! They Rescued A Homeless Dog, But They Sure Didn’t Exp…

I want to cuddle on your lap. The Family Puppy has the healthy puppy you are looking for. Call or stop in today!

Six Top Internet Pet Myths...Debunked! 1-Swiffer or Fabreze Toxic to Pets 2-Dogs Eat Grass When Sick 3-Pets that Eat Rocks or Stuff have a Nutrient Deficiency 4-Mutts are Healthier than Purebreds 5-Cats Cannot Balance Without Whiskers 6-Garlic Prevents Fleas

The internet is a great way to learn, but there's a ton of myths and misinformation out there. This week, veterinarian Dr. Andy Roark shares 6 common interne...

I am tiny, cute and full of joy, waiting for a person or family to love me! Come see me and many others at The Family Puppy! Call or stop by today.

Adorable Puppies Stop by and visit with them. Click on the pics to see 15 of the cutest puppies and then see even more on our website:

I want you to take me home. I will give you my unconditional love and attention. Call or stop in today!

The joy of a dog!!!

When The Dog Started Dancing, I Didn't Expect The Baby To Do This

Lets face it. When dogs and babies get n the same room cuteness is the only thing that can happen from this. This time a dog starts dancing in front of the baby and I just love the reaction from

Found this big boy in the freezing rain on Saturday 01/03/15 at gratiot and I-94 in Detroit. No collar/tags. We took him to the vet, no microchip. Vet Estimated to be around 5 years old. Treated for fleas and have him on antibiotics. We think he is a malamute/Rottweiler/shepherd mix. He is huge at 131 pounds but is very calm and submissive. He is black and tan in color and is neutered. He responds to basic commands, is house broken, and walks very well on a leash so we believe he belongs to someone and is not just a stray. We posted him on Craigslist and on for the love of Louie. We are desperately trying to find his family because we cannot keep him. If you are his owner or know to whom he belongs please call or text 586-996-1274

Does your dog hate nail trimming? Watch this video to give you a way to allow the dog to almost enjoy the necessary task.

Counterconditioning for Toenail Trim Aggression

Here's how to countercondition a pet to love getting their nails trimmed

PETS ARE GREAT FOR CHILDREN This article talks about benefits of pets with children in many situations. Not only children with autism but, Last year researchers from the University of California-San Francisco (UCSF) and the University of Michigan found that children who grow up in homes with pet dogs have a decreased risk of allergies and asthma because of changes in gut microbes as a result of dog-associated dust. Read more at

Pets Linked to Stronger Social Skills in Children with Autism

  Living with pets may increase the social skills of children with autism. A recent study from a researcher the University of Missouri (MU) as published in the Journal of Autism and Developmenta…

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