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Dogs are a girl's best friend! Do you have any adorable pictures of you and your dog? Post them below!

What is the U.S. #1 small breed dog of all times? If you said Cocker Spaniel... You are Correct! We have 3 litters available this week. Look who else likes Cockers for children. Prince George has a Cocker Spaniel... His name is Lupo. Here is what we have today, Check back Wednesday for the others we are getting this week!

Isn't this Bichon Frise adorable? Do you have any pictures of your adorable puppies? Post them below, we'd love to see them!

The New Arrivals are in! Stop by and see our adorable puppies! See more info at:

She was such a sweetie. Megan and I are suckers for Shih Tzu puppies.

ALL TRUE... But we still could not live without our dogs! Like if you LOVE your dog anyway

If Dogs Could Apologize

See all the new arrivals! Stop by and see our adorable puppies! See more info at:

Surprise your loved with an adorable puppy from The Family Puppy!

We still have some Golden Doodles waiting for just the right family. A Goldendoodle is a cross-breed/hybrid dog obtained by breeding a golden retriever with a poodle. The name was coined in 1992. In the 1990s, breeders in both North America and Australia began crossing golden retrievers with standard poodles. The original purpose of the cross was to attempt to develop guide dogs suitable for visually impaired individuals with allergies. The Encyclopedia Britannica traces the term "designer dog" to the late 20th century, when breeders began to cross purebred poodles with other purebred breeds in order to obtain a dog with the poodle's non-shedding coat, along with various desirable characteristics from other breeds. Temperament: Energetic, Friendly, Intelligent, Trainable See all our available puppies here:

It's Small Business Saturday. Let The Family Puppy show you the benefits of shopping SMALL! We are a family owned and operated, Michigan based company ready to resource you with the puppy of your dreams!

OH MY DO WE HAVE SOME ADORABLE PUPPIES! While you are out shopping... stop by and visit with us! SEE ALL OUR PUPPIES HERE:

We hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

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