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On our 1st day over 90 degrees... make sure you keep your dogs cool!

We dare you to have a better time than a dog charging down a water slide. Can you find more zen than a pit bull taking a candle-lit bath? Either way, the dog...

Dog Training is still a MUST as it was in the 50's! Use these tips to train your dog.

Training Tips from the 1950s | WOOFipedia, provided by the American Kennel Club

Training Tips from the 1950s | | Celebrates all dogs, and the people who love them. Our aim is to engage, entertain, and educate.

Do you decorate with dogs-themes? Post your best use of our beloved best friends that enhance your decorating style.

Decorating Is Going to the Dogs

Proclaim your affection for your furry best friend with dog-themed decorating gestures, grand or small

We only have one French Bulldog still available out of the litter. See a pic of him here:

Caption this...

Who needs a crib?

Canine Cuteness

Awww so adorable! Baby and puppy cuddling <3

So close! 'Like' if you're excited for the weekend!

Weed killers such as Round Up are TOXIC! Try this natural weed killing recipe to protect your pets, children & the environment.

Check out peoples' favorite beaches and beach activities around Michigan. See winning photos of Michigan's beautiful beaches,

2,000 Michigan beach photos later, this Silver Lake shot is a winner

After 10 days and nearly 2,000 photo submissions, there is a grand prize winner in the Pure Michigan Instagram challenge that highlighted Michiganders’ favorite beaches. Gina Ferwerda of Silver Lake submitted the winning photograph that features kayakers at the Silver Lake Sand Dunes. The …

A new litter of Cocker Spaniels are in! Cockers - the favorite of the Royal Family The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have always been trend-setters, even more so since the birth of Prince George. Since he joined the family, Lupo - whose name was kept secret until he was three months old - has been a regular fixture of Royal life, and appeared prominently in the first official photograph of newborn Prince George. Kate was often spotted walking Lupo around Angelsey, where she lived while William was serving as an RAF search-and-rescue pilot. Read more:

Rise in thefts of black cocker spaniels as price goes up because of Kate and William's dog Lupo

The young dog's popularity has inadvertently inspired a spate of dog thefts because so many people a desperate to have a lookalike.

A GREAT article in Best in Show Daily that supports pet stores and educates show breeders on the true agenda of the animal rights movement. Combating Animal Rights A Different Perspective By Elizabeth Brinkley SNIP: “Every time I hear a hobby breeder get up on their high horse about commercial breeders making money off of dogs I have to ask “WHY?” When did it become a crime to make money selling dogs? Many of the founders of our sport operated huge kennels and sold pets to make money for their kennels. When did it become socially unacceptable to raise dogs and make some money? This is more of the long term propaganda of the animal rights movement. They have brainwashed us that there is a huge “pet overpopulation” and that dogs are better than other animals and we shouldn’t be making money off the poor puppies. First of all the reality is if every hobby breeder in this country bred every girl at every litter and sold the puppies, we still would not fill the niche for purebred puppies..."

Combatting Animal Rights A Different Perspective | Best In Show Daily | 2014

» Combatting Animal Rights A Different Perspective | Dog Show News & Results

Puppy Problems...

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