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Seven Years of Great Dogs

I became a customer of The Family Puppy 7 years ago adopting a cairn yorkie mix for my brother. Then 5 years ago my wife and I adopted a dachshund maltese from them. A year later my parents adopted a golden doodle from them. Each time I noticed the signs suggesting shelters. 3 years ago my wife and I were looking to add to our furry family and went to shelters and weekend events looking for our new pet. Unfortunately I have a mortgage and bills to pay, which require full time jobs for my wife and I. This did not sit well with the shelters I guess in there mind the dogs were better off in cages at shelters or go to a family who didn't work and could not afford the costs attached to caring for an animal. We tried for a few months and went back to what works for us, The Family Puppy. We added a golden retriever to our family and are very happy as are the animals. Suggesting that all pet stores are evil and people who adopt from them are mindless sheep looking for flavor of the day pets is irresponsible and ignorant to say the least. Pet stores like The Family Puppy are places where you pay for adopting a living thing because it's not buying a dog or cat like they are cloths or electronics it's adding to your family and they know that. Research into an industry is a dangerous thing, too little can close your mind but more and more can open your eyes. Thank you all from The Family Puppy who helped us grow our family.

--Aaron Lucero

Testimonial 167 out of 224.

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