Health Protection Benefits We Offer

Unequaled Protection for You and the Puppy

  • Free Initial Vet Visit

    • Physical and fecal with the authorized veterinariansthat visit our stores weekly and care for our puppies (see store for vet list)

  • 30 Day Health Care

    • Because we don't want you to have to question anything that might come up with your new puppy, we provide 30 days of FREE veterinary care after the sale, just in case of illness.

  • AKC Health Insurance Certificate

    • All puppies also receive AKC Pet Insurance 30 Day Certificate. This certificate gives you 30 days of pet health insurance to help cover unexpected veterinarian costs due to accidents or illness (Activation is required).

      At the end of the 30-day certificate, you may continue to cover your dog by choosing one of the affordable and comprehensive plans designed to provide excellent pet health insurance through AKC.

  • 2 Year Protection Against Genetic Health Defects

    • We can offer genetic defect protection because of the screening we do with our breeders. Check out our Warranty, you will find that it is very comprehensive and in most all cases better than you can find at any of the other sources!

  • Read more on our Health Warranty page