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  • We did our research

    Lily's 1 year birthday party. She loves barking at the neighbor's cat so we got her and our granddaughters 'Hello Kitty' party hats. She is a Papi-Poo, Paplion and Poodle mix. Smart, loving, great with the grandkids, and personality. We let her hair grow out for winter but we just got her trimmed for the warmer months. She doesn't shed and is easy to take care of. Crazy about the pup?? You bet!! She makes us laugh everyday and is a wonderful pup. By the way, We have adopted Boxers, 2 from the Humane Society and 1 from Animal Control. The recue from animal control came with heart worm and that cost us close to $800 to get him through, so when we decided to get a small non-shedding dog we followed The Family Puppy's advice and looked at shelters, if we wanted a Pit we could have had a houseful, but no small dogs. So we did our research to be sure no Puppy Mill dogs were sold at The Family Puppy and we felt we were making a responsible decision to purchase this little girl so we bought her and will be buying another in the spring. Love the people and quality of the pets. The Family Puppy has been great!!! We stop in to visit with Lily occasionally and they all come around to say hi. What a pleasure dealing with an honest, trustworthy company. Thanks!

    Robert R. Banks

  • Wonderful addition

    This is Zoie, she is a Cavilier-Bichon, that we got from Family Puppy at Fountain Walk in Novi. She just recently turned 6 yrs. old. She loves to play but also loves to cuddle. My family and I are so thankful for help at your store in selecting a puppy. She is truly a wonderful addition and brings a lot of joy to our family!

    Julie Stark

  • EVERYONE loves him

    This is BUSTER with Sam and Amanda. We got him from The Family Puppy. He is a GREAT little dog and EVERYONE loves him. He was so easy to train and has had no accidents on our carpet. We have a bell on the door and he rings it when he needs to go out. He sleeps in his kennel and normally doesn't make a sound all night. What we've "trained" so far: Sit, Stand, Lay down, Go to Mat, Moon walk (you really should see that) and Patty Cake. He gets along so well with other dogs.......WE LOVE HIM!...THANK YOU SO MUCH! God Bless!

    Gail Horsley and Family

  • Thank You

    Can't begin to thank you enough for our precious little Sawyer. We purchased him at the Flint store. What a wonderful dog he is! Friendly, outgoing, very social, well mannered and the perfect addition to our family.

    Rebecca Hoskins

  • Great Dog

    We got our Husky from the Brighton Family Puppy last summer, she's such a great dog!

    Nicole Kiley

  • Such a great place

    We got our puppy Penny Lane from Family Puppy a little over a year ago and we just LOVE her! She's so smart and loving, and every time we bring her back to the store we got her in, they still know her by name! Such a great place, and we look forward to getting another puppy from you guys again soon!

    Stephanie Lynne Allan

  • We LOVE Jack!

    This is "Jack" our white Bichon purchased at the Brighton store. Our family is in love with him :)

    Becky Vancalbergh

  • Friendliest puppy in our neighborhood!

    Meet Rico (a Pek A Pom), he came from Family of Pets Novi about a year ago. He is the best friendliest puppy in our neighborhood. We love him so much and can't imagine our family without him!!

    Rachel-Maggie Sexton

  • Smartest and Healthiest

    My little Bichon Frise Buddy (the dog on the left) who I got from here 5 1/2 years ago. He's the smartest and healthiest dog in the world. Plus he never gets tear stains :D

    Tyler Oxley

  • My 3 new family members, Winni, Vinni & Ginni

    During the summer of 2009, my grandchildren, Arionnah and Aiden first introduced me to The Family Puppy in the Green Oaks Village Place Shopping Mall. We visited several times and were greeted each time by a warm and friendly staff. The store was always so clean, bright and lively with the cutest puppies! We played with so many and the staff soon figured us out! I had one Westie and was looking for another. I was clued into the fact that one was soon due in the store ~ a female, which I was hoping for. I liked that the resident Veterinarian was who I have taken my pets to for 10 years, and that each little puppy was checked out, micro-chipped, and given a clean bill of health before they went home. There were payment options that were offered as well. One year ago Winni came home with me! She is a very healthy and happy Westie. Another trip came on Mother's Day 2010. My grandchildren and I visited the store again and were greeted and remembered. We played with several puppies and without even a thought of purchasing another pet I fell in love with Vinni, a Papillion/Poodle mix. I've never had a male puppy so I had questions that were answered professionally and courteously. Vinni fit right in with Minni and Winni. He is little but holds his own and is a delightful addition to our family! It has become a family joke now that I am not allowed to visit the store with Arionnah and Aiden because I always come home with another puppy. Oops! One afternoon in August 2010, Arionnah and I had a little time before we had to pick up her brother so we scooted over to see who was new at The Family Puppy. And there was Ginni! Love at first sight! She is a Papillion/Maltese mix. The staff took the same care with us as they have every time we visited and chose a new family member! Thank you Family Puppy ~ We Love You!

    Sandy Bates and Family

  • What a terrific dog!

    5 Years ago, we got Winnie from FOP Novi. What a terrific dog. My favorite part about her is that she's a "Daddy's girl". She is a total lap dog who is not happy unless she's sitting on my lap being petted. That is exactly what I wanted. She's smart as a whip and has learned every trick we have tried to teach her. No dislikes, she's perfect.

    Ken Weeks

  • Thank you Family Puppy

    We got our Boston Terrier from the Novi store three months ago. Penny is everything we wanted and are so thrilled she is a part of our family. Shes been to puppy school and is houesbroken and very smart..thanks again Family Puppy for bringing her to Us.

    Ken Cook