How to Choose the Right Breed of Dog

by The Family Puppy 28 feb
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Five puppies of different breeds sitting in a row.

How to Choose the Right Breed of Dog

Every household can benefit from a four-legged friend. But not all dogs are the same. Depending on their breed and individual temperament, one dog can behave vastly different from another. As such, researching the type of breed you intend to adopt is crucial when choosing a dog. Picking the right breed can ensure you have a dog that will fit your lifestyle and family well. Read on to learn more.

Think about your lifestyle

A dog, no matter their breed, will require care and love. But some dogs need more supervision than others. More sociable breeds, like Cavapoos, will not enjoy spending too much time at home alone. Meanwhile, other breeds that are more independent can handle alone time fairy well.

Below are some questions you should ask in regards to your lifestyle and your new puppy:

  • How active are you? Will you have the time and will-power to care for a more active breed or should you get one that's more laid-back?
  • Do you have children? Roommates?
  • How much time do you have to socialize and train your pup?
  • How much time do you spend away from home each day?
  • Do you live in an apartment or home? And will your intended breed be able to adjust to those living conditions?
  • How much money will you be able to spend on your pet each month?

Consider a breed's health

As dogs age, they will start to deal with health problems. However, some breeds are more prone to certai health conditions than others. For example, Sher-Peis have many folds and wrinkles that can cause potential skin issues. As such, they'll need more care and cleaning than other breeds. When you're researching breeds, you need to ask yourself if you're willing and able to spend the time, money, and care to manage your dog's health.

Research the breed's history

At The Family Puppy, we specialize in "purpose bred" dogs. These are dogs that were bred to provide a specific task or purpose. When you're adopting a purpose bred dog, you should be aware of their history so that you can provide a healthy environment. Siberian huskies, for example, were bred to be active sled dogs. While they may not be pulling a sled for you, they still need plenty of exercise and time outside to be truly happy.

Here at The Family Puppy, we have many lovable dogs that are looking for their forever home. You can learn more about us here or stop by one of our locations, Flint, Novi, or Troy, MI to find your new best friend today!