Michigan Limited Warranty

Purchaser Agreement

Pet stores provide consumer protection and satisfaction.
Pet stores are an accountable, traceable source for pets. We provide warranties on the dogs we sell. These types of written protection plans are frequently not available with other sources of animals, so pet store customers enjoy greater protection. Here is our warranty:

We, at The Family Puppy, offer our services of locating this puppy, or as we consider them, "Babies" for you and your family! We offer this agreement for your protection, and believe it to be the best you can find anywhere.  Before you bring your new "baby" home, it is necessary for you to read and fully understand the following agreement between you the "Purchaser" and The Family Puppy. The pet you are purchasing is NOT RETURNABLE except for the provisions stated in this agreement.

Initials:_____ 1. The pet you are purchasing is NOT RETURNABLE except for the provisions stated in this agreement. If you choose to return this puppy for reasons other than provided in this agreement a full refund will be given, prior to issuing the refund, a fee equal to 50% of the purchase price will be required to be paid in cash. This provision is only permitted within 14 days of the purchase date. We love our babies and would never want one of our beloved puppies relinquished to a shelter! If you are ever unable to provide suitable care for your puppy, give him/her back to us and we will find a loving home to care for him/her.


Initials:_____ 2. Our philosophy is to provide quality companion pets. Puppies are all different and there are many factors as to how puppies develop and mature, therefore we do not warranty conformation, size, coat/hair types or behavior traits. We support the idea that all companion pets should be spayed or neutered. If breeding Is your intention, please do not purchase this animal.


Initials:_____ 3. Remember stress brings on illness! This puppy’s Immune System is not fully developed and is susceptible to Illness and other minor issues. It is impossible to guarantee that your new fur baby, just like human babies, will never become ill. Unlike many other sources, our puppies are sold with a health certificate signed by a licensed veterinarian (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine). Watch for any signs of illness such as: NOT eating, listlessness, coughing, diarrhea, vomiting or nasal discharge. Should your pet get sick after leaving our store or have a serious accident, pet insurance plans are available to help with eligible costs.


Initials:_____ 4. We believe that nutrition plays a huge part in a puppy’s health and longevity. You have agreed with us and have pledged to continue feeding pawTree® foods and in return The Family Puppy offers this Extended Limited Health Warranty.


Initials:_____ 5. To validate this warranty, the Purchaser agrees to have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within five (5) calendar days from the purchase date. If during this exam, the veterinarian finds the puppy to be unfit for purchase (does not include minor treatable illness) the puppy may be returned to The Family Puppy within that five (5) day period. The Family Puppy will, at your option, replace the puppy with a puppy of equal purchase price; or issue a refund check, charge credit, or if paid using a payment option with a lender we suggested, we will notify the lender to help cancel your loan. All services after purchase including vaccinations, wormings, treatment of internal and external parasites, etc. will be the purchaser's expense.


Initials:_____ 6. If within your puppy's first two years of life, he/she is diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian as having a debilitating hereditary defect, and in rare cases if the defect causes death, The Family Puppy will hold the breeder responsible. If desired, you may keep the puppy and at your option: The Family Puppy will provide you with a puppy of equal purchase price; or issue a refund equal to 1/2 the purchase price. The Purchaser must furnish a written letter signed by a veterinarian stating that the defect is hereditary and debilitating. Claim must include documentation with all records including x-rays (if needed) and vaccination history for verification by The Family Puppy and an authorized veterinarian. Claims must be made within the warranty period.


Initials:_____ 7. Should your puppy die from Parvovirus, Distemper or Hepatitis throughout its entire life, The Family Puppy will replace the pet with another pet of equal purchase price. We have given the proper vaccines to date, for any claim you must show, documentation that the puppy has been properly vaccinated and received annual boosters throughout its life.


Initials:_____ 8. Conditions resulting from injury, negligence or cruelty WILL NOT BE COVERED.

This written agreement is the entire agreement concerning the health, development, use or loss of this pet. I will not rely on any oral statements contrary to this agreement unless they are in writing. I understand there are no provisions for returning this pet other than stated in this agreement. I have read and completely understand this agreement including the conditions, all of which I accept.