The Family Puppy

Only the Best Puppies from Hand Selected Local Breeders.

From Our Family to Yours

Founded on 1998, we have joyfully served Southeast Michigan by creating a safe and fun experience for families looking to welcome a puppy or kitten to their home. We are a family-owned and family opperated business with high standards of excellence and customer service that is better. From our family to yours, welcome to

The Family Puppy Difference

Puppy Protection

FREE vet visit & FREE veterinary care visit after the purchase within 30 days. We provide a 30-Day Insurance Certificate for health care coverage and offer 2-Year Protection against genetic health defects.

Veterinary Care

Our puppies are given a physical by licensed veterinarians to screen for health issues prior to accepting them from the breeder. Once in the stores they have a veterinarian visit every week until they find a home.

Behaviour Training

Puppies comes with the AKC Good Dog lifetime subscription helpline access. An unlimited personal consultation service with a professional trainer and E-Course program designed to equip you with answers to any questions.

Permanent ID

We microchip all our puppies and have since the day we began in 1998. Microchips are a safety net and enable any lost puppy to be traced back to the owner. We implant and register the microchip for you in the lifetime AKC Reunite Recovery system with all the fees are included in our price.