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40 Years of Helping Families Find the Puppy of Their Dreams!

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What Makes Us Different?

Permanent ID

We microchip all our puppies, and have since the day we began in 1998. Microchips are a safety net and enable any lost puppy to be traced back to the owner. We implant the microchip and as a service to our clients, we also register the microchip for you in the lifetime AKC Reunite Recovery system, the largest national non-profit database. All the fees are included in our price.

Benefits of Pet Store Puppies

There are several responsible options to choose from when looking for a new dog, including pet stores, private breeders, shelters and animal rescues. In order to protect our puppies and our clients, our breeder requirements go above and beyond the standards the law requires.

AKC Registration or AKC Partners Decree

Most all our breeders have AKC parent dogs and are inspected by the American Kennel Club. Our stores are also approved and inspected by AKC. Other than a few cases, we only sell purebred or 1st Generation Crossbred puppies. We are now registering all our puppies with AKC at the time of sale, all you have to do is add your puppy's name. 

Hand-Picked Breeders

We are very cautious of the breeders we will partner with. Our breeders are inspected and given oversight by multiple government and industry organizations. Our breeders, depending on the kennel size, are inspected by up to 5 different organizations.

Unequaled Socialization

We are known for the happiest puppies. Our puppies have more socialization than any other source. Socialization is key to a dog being a great forever family pet! Dr. Ian Dunbar, APDT founder, suggests that if a puppy could meet and greet 200 different people or animals before they are 12 weeks old, it will set his temperament for life. This is not attainable at a private breeder's home.



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