Party Games

Here are some fun games you can play during your party.

Have fun and create some great memories of your honored guest's special day!

Doggie Dig

  • Fill a kiddie pool or large cardboard box with play sand (the kind used to fill sand boxes). Hide small prizes such as small toys, wrapped candy or party favors in the sand. Give each child 15 seconds to dig like a dog in the pool and unearth the buried "treasures." The kids get to play pretend and win prizes at the same time, and best of all, everyone wins a prize.

Drink Race

  • Place a few new, clean dog dishes on the table or ground. Pour the same amount of drink in each dish (try to use drinks that are not too messy in case they get all over the kids' clothes). Have the children with their hands behind their backs drink the liquid like dogs, lapping it with their tongue. Whichever child finishes the doggy drink first wins the race.

Dog Bone Hunt

  • This is similar to the classic Easter egg hunt. Instead of Easter eggs, cut out construction paper (or poster board) dog bones in various sizes and colors and hide them around the store. Cut out a specific number of bones (30-50) so it is easy to keep track of how many still need finding. Allow the children to search for the hidden bones. The child who finds the most bones being the winner.

Best Bark Contest

  • Have the children form a circle and sit on the floor (make it more realistic by giving the command, "Sit!" and once they do, praise them with a, "Good dogs!"). Have each child take a turn coming to the center of the circle and give their best bark. Once each child has had a turn, give out an award and prize to each. Think of the awards ahead of time, such as loudest bark, highest bark, happiest bark, saddest bark and so forth.

Bone Toss

  • This game is like the traditional bean bag toss. Find or draw a large picture of a dog and leave a large hole where the mouth is. Provide the children with 5-10 dog bones (rawhide bones are inexpensive and easy to toss). Have the children toss the bones through the dog's mouth. Whichever child gets the most in, wins.

Pooper Scooper Race

  • This game goes over well with children as it involves fake poop. Use large Tootsie Roll pieces and divide the children into two teams. Give each team a tablespoon and place a Tootsie Roll onto each spoon. Set up two cones opposite the area where you have the children lined up. In relay race style, have the children move as quickly as they can to and around the cone, then back again. The team that finishes first wins.