How to Budget for a Dog

by The Family Puppy 08 mar
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How to Budget for a Dog

When you adopt a dog, you will be rewarded with years of love and companionship. As exciting as this time is, though, soon-to-be pet owners should always keep in mind the cost of dog ownership. While you can never put a price on the love of a pet, you do want to make sure you can afford to properly take care of them.

Initial Costs

The first year of pet ownership will be the most expensive. This is due to upfront costs. You have to pay for adoption fees, supplies, and vet bills.

Adoption fees

The overall price will depend on your dog's breed, as some breeds are more expensive than others. You'll want to do some research on how much the breed you're wanting to adopt will cost.

Pet Supplies

Unless you've had a dog before, you'll likely need to get all of the necessary supplies before you adopt your dog. The price of these can range from $95 to $225, with small dog supplies being cheaper than large dog supplies. Thankfully, you can spread out these expenses over a couple of months so long as you have them all by the time you adopt your pup.

Vet Bills

Every puppy will need to have an initial medical exam after adoption. This is to ensure their health is in good order. A medical exam is typically around $70.

Annual Costs

The average dog owner will spend anywhere from $650 to $2,115 per year, and that's not including the initial costs (see above). The price you will pay each year will depend on your dog's individual needs. For example, if they have health issues, you could be spending more than another family whos dog doesn't have health problems. But there are ways to lower the cost. Vet insurance can protect you if your dog gets sick, and you can limit yourself on how many toys and treats you purchase for your pet each month.

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