All-American Adoption Program


John and Debbie Stottele, owners and operators of The Family Puppy, have championed their All-American Adoption Program in an effort to lower the number of unwanted puppies and kittens in the community shelters around their stores. We began this program at the very beginning to help relieve the burden of shelters, and since 1998 we have taken in and placed more than 11,000 puppies and kittens. We have found that there is more cats and kittens in our shelters and even though our adoption program can handle puppies and kittens we have had very few puppies enrolled in the program.

Due to the good job being done with spay/neutering dogs in Michigan, very few unwanted puppies are in shelters or brought to the stores. Across the country as in Michigan the number of felines in shelters is typically higher than the number of canines. The message has not gotten out that cats need to be spayed/neutered too; therefore cats and kittens are the overwhelming burden shelters deal with on a daily basis. See the data on shelter statistics here: National Animal Alliance:Shelter Project

Ninety-eight percent (98%) of the All Americans The Family Puppy adopts are kittens. Due to this our stores do not sell purebred kittens these adoptions are the only cats we sell in the stores.

We created our All-American Adoption Program as alternative option for people who cannot care for litters of unwanted puppies or kittens, but are reluctant to take animals to shelters for fear of euthanasia. We have a staunch NO KILL policy.

The Family Puppy Adoption Program gives owners of 8-10 week old unwanted litters of puppies or kittens a free pass to partnering veterinarians for a complete physical to see if they are possible candidates for their adoption program. If the litters pass the physical and have no external parasites, fleas or ear mites, the vet will spay or neuter them and give them the first round of vaccines and worming before being brought into the store. The pets are adopted at all The Family Puppy's three locations for the price of the medical services.

In an effort to further reduce the number of unwanted pets The Family Puppy has begun spaying the mother cats at our expense, with no charge to the owners, ensuring they will never have another unwanted litter. This is something not done by most adoption programs.

If you know of an unwanted litter of puppies or kittens call one of our stores to see if they can be enrolled in our All-American Adoption Program!