Doggie Party Ideas

If you're going to have a party at a pet store that has live puppies...

You can really make it a "Doggie" theme party that will be a lot of fun and make great photos for your honored guest to cherish for years to come! Here are some great ideas... You will probably think of even more ways to have the best.

Party Setting

  • Go to the Party Store and get a puppy pattern tablecloth and napkins with paw prints on them. If you cannot find these items, buy plain ones. Use a paw print rubber stamp to stamp paw prints on them.
  • Bring dog dishes for each of the children, one for food and another one for something to drink.
  • When the party starts, play dog-themed songs, such as "How Much Is That Doggy in the Window?" and "Who Let the Dogs Out?"

Dog Dress-up

  • Ask all of your guests to arrive to the party dressed like a dog - provide prizes for the most creative and best overall.
  • Face painting is a fun activity during a party. This is simple and almost anyone can do a simple nose, whiskers and puppy spots.
  • A simple way to dress up once they get there is to buy dog ear headbands or dog eared hats available at

Dog Favors

  • You are giving a stuffed animal gift to each guest but you can also make up goody bags or party favors for your guests. There are many dog-themed favors available at the Dollar stores or online at Items like dog coloring books, dog stamps, dog stickers, dog jewelry or just a small rubber ball, dogs LOVE to play with balls.
  • Make up buckets of "kibble" using peanuts, popcorn, chocolate chips and granola.
  • "Puppy Chow" is a great snack that looks just like Puppy Chow the food for dogs. Puppy Chow is a fun, tasty, edible treat to make that is fun to serve to your guests.
  • Ingredients:  1 stick butter, 1 C. peanut butter, 1 lb. box powdered sugar, 1 lg Box Crispix cereal, 12 oz pkg. chocolate chips
  • Preparation: Melt margarine, peanut butter and chocolate chips in a microwave on medium setting until melted. Stir. Place one large box of Crispix cereal in a large pan and pour chocolate mixture over top and coat thoroughly. Place 1 lb box of powdered sugar in a grocery bag. Put coated cereal in the bag and shake until powdered sugar covers cereal mixture.

Dog Tags

  • We have an engraving machine that you can make your guests a Dog Tag that they can use as a backpack tag or even a tag they can use as a nameplate for their room or locker.

Doggie Party Guest Treats

Puppy Cupcakes and other Treats for your party

  • Cupcakes are perfect for a your dog-themed party.
  • Bake chocolate, white or a mix of cupcakes.
  • Frost them with white frosting to create the face
  • Use a pastry bag or buy a tube of frosting to create the face features. You can also use M&Ms and chocolate chips.
  • Make ears out of Oreo cookies stuck in the sides. 
  • Use Laffy Taffy or Starburst shaped into a tongue.
  • Not necessary but you can put a piece of licorice rope around the outside of the cupcake attach it with small dollops of frosting. Where the two edges meet, frost on a round piece of candy like a chocolate coin. This creates a dog collar around the cupcake
  • You can also use the same concept with a dog themed cake with a standard 9" round (ONE layer) cake.
  • If you are artistically challenged make a paw print cake using a 9" round and three or four small cupcakes for the toes. Frost them all brown and arrange the cupcakes next to the round cake in a paw print fashion! It looks great and couldn't be easier!
  • You can make Sugar Cookies in either a dog shape or even a bone shape.