Birthday Parties with Puppies in Michigan

Do you want more awesome party ideas and fun games?

Create-a-Pet Parties are a stitch of FUN! What can be more fun than playing with puppies and creating your very own stuffed animal friend? Create-a-Pet parties for birthdays are sure to name you "Parent of the Year" but Create-a-Pet parties are also great for all kinds of reasons; an improvement on a report card, rewarding your children for being helpful or kind, Winter break celebration, scouting or church outings or just to get out of the house! If you want you can even bring in your own food and drinks!

We have had parties for ages 2-40. We even have had teen and adult parties that have donated their stuffed animals to children in the hospital. We have had groups give the animals to military family kids or foster children that many times don't have what our children have. We have connections with many organizations and can help arrange all these options for you.

We also want you to know that your party will help socialize the puppies we have in our stores. We have an awesome reputation of providing very gentle puppies and Create-a-Pet parties are a huge part of our socialization plan for each and every puppy we sell. The goal is to have every puppy meet and greet 100 different people or animals before he or she goes to his or her forever home. We believe this socialization is unattainable in any other setting or new puppy source. This degree of socialization will set the puppy's temperament for life and thereby create a great family pet for his or her new owners!

  • Create-a-Pet Party Certificates are for SIX guests (extra guests ONLY $15 each)
  • Cost of a Create-a-Pet party is $200 (includes 6 guests) 
  • Two Parties in One:  Create-a-Pet and Playtime with Puppies
  • Each guest will Create & Adopt their Own Stuffed Animal Friend
  • Each Guest will Receive an Adoption Certificate for their new Stuffed Friend
  • Outfits And Accessories are also Available
  • Parties Include 20 Minute Playtime with Our Real-Live Puppies
  • Our Staff will help Guests Learn Proper Care for Puppies!

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