Benefits We Offer

AKC Registration or AKC Canine Partners Decree

As stated above most all our breeders have AKC parent dogs and are inspected by the American Kennel Club. Our stores are also approved and inspected by AKC. We only sell purebred or 1st Generation Crossbred puppies. We are now registering all our puppies with AKC at the time of sale, all you have to do is go on-line and add your puppy's name. We also offer AKC's complementary Pet Healthcare Plan, a year's subscription to "Family Dog" AKC's magazine Our puppies are either registered with AKC as a registered purebred or with AKC's Canine Partners as a mixed breed Now all our puppies can be entered into AKC events such as AGILITY, RALLEY and (Only AKC registered purebred pups can enter conformation shows). Read more about AKC events here: