Benefits We Offer - Breeder Inspections/Oversight

Hand Picked Breeders

We are very cautious of the breeders we will partner with. Our breeders are inspected and given oversight by multiple government or industry organizations. Our breeders, depending on the kennel size, are inspected by up to 5 different organizations:

  • USDA APHIS, United States Department of Agriculture Animal Plant Health Inspection Service inspects all breeders that have more than four breeding female dogs and sell even one puppy sight unseen (not face to face) must be licensed and inspected.  As of May 2009 all inspection reports are available on-line to anyone at the link below:
    USDA Inspection Reports
  • AKC, American Kennel Club inspects both our breeders and our stores
    About AKC
  • IBOAH, Indiana State Board of Health inspects all new kennels with more than 20 dogs.
  • ICAW, Indiana Council for Animal Welfare uses piers and the KMA, Kennel Management Assistance program to give oversight with breeders.
  • The Family Puppy, All but a few special order puppies, the owners of The Family Puppy personally visits and inspects every kennel a minimum of twice annually, Breeder Requirements.

This is a huge benefit to our client families. These inspections and screening is our way of servicing our clients in a manner that is unattainable with other puppy sources. Our breeders are the only source that has this degree of oversight and regulation! The breeders are held to a many laws including federal law, the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) that was enacted in 1966 with many updates over the years. AWA governs the humane care, handling, treatment and transportation of dogs in the kennels of breeders that have more than 4 intact female dogs and sell to pet stores. Casual/Backyard and even Show Breeders have no governmental oversight, nor do most shelters and rescues. The only inspections or oversight that any of the other three sources is AKC with Show Breeders! Who's checking on Casual/Backyard Breeders and Shelters and Rescues? Other than local abuse laws in most states there is no law or guidelines/regulations that they are held to like the pet store breeders are!

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