Benefits We Offer

Lifetime Behavior Training Comes Free with Every One of Our Puppies

In an effort to help our new puppy owners learn proper techniques in positive reinforcement behavior training, we pay for an online training program designed to equip you with knowledge and answer to any questions you have in the first 18 months. Through "My Pet Trainer" we will send you an email every day for the first 21 days and then one a week for the balance of the 18 months. These emails have topics we believe you should learn about your new puppy and his/her development. Take a peek here at:

Secondly, we pay for AKC Good Dog Helpline, for the entire life of your dog, giving you live telephone support with a professional trainer with decades of experience in training people and their dogs to help foster and build a long-lasting relationships. The trainers are committed to your dog's success at every level of training for the life of your dog.

We believe these two resources are the very best teaching tools a family can have when getting a new puppy. If you use these services you will be able to raise the best behaved dog and will be the envy of all your friends and family because your dog will sit when you say sit! This service is unequaled anywhere in the country from any other puppy source!