Benefits We Offer

Purebred and Crossbred

There is a lot of talk about "Designer Dogs", here is our position and how we are using breeding of crossbred dogs for your benefit. Most all our breeders have purebred AKC registered parent dogs. With very few exceptions our breeders breed only Purebred dogs or, what we have called, "1st Generation Crossbreeds", example PUGGLE - A purebred Pug crossed with a Purebred Beagle. With only two breeds in the cross we can reasonably determine the outcome of the cross breeding and to be able to help you understand the dog's needs and personality. This is a big plus for your family as we help you choose a breed that is right for you and your lifestyle! If you were to consider a mix breed that has more than two breeds or unknown breeds as parents, you cannot assess if this dog's character will match your family's needs. This is also a great benefit for you as we help you narrow the search for your next family member!