Benefits We Offer

Unequaled Socialization

Our puppies have more socialization than any other source. Socialization is key to a dog being a great forever family pet! Dr. Ian Dunbar, APDT founder, suggests that a puppy should meet and greet 200 different people or animals before they are 12 weeks old. With us socialization starts at our breeders just after birth with "Imprinting" using Bio Sensor Tactile Stimulation to help the puppy accept change as it grows. Our puppies are also introduced to other litters and other parent dogs starting at 4 weeks of age. Once at our store they are introduced to other puppies and customers daily. One hundred different meetings is very attainable with our puppies. Behavior is the #1 reason dogs are surrendered to shelters. This socialization we give is why our puppies are NOT found in shelters and why the puppy you get from us will be a great family addition with a great personality! How about the other three sources? How much socialization can happen in a private breeder's home?

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