5 Common New Puppy Parent Questions

by The Family Puppy 27 sep

5 Common New Puppy Parent Questions

How Many Times Should I Feed My Puppy Each Day?

For puppies under 6 months, three meals per day are often suggested. Some people find it helpful to align their puppy’s mealtimes with their own, so it’s easy to remember. From 6 months to 1 year, two meals a day (once in the morning and once in the evening) are standard. The team at The Family Puppy can help you figure out a feeding schedule if you have any questions.

Wondering how much to feed your pup? Dog food brands have recommended feeding amounts on their labels to help you determine how much to feed each day. Just divide that daily amount by the number of times your puppy is being fed to find out how much to feed your puppy at each meal.

Can I Leave My Puppy with Another person When I Go On Vacation?

Yes, as long as you trust the individual and provide your pup’s essentials: enough food to last your trip, a collar, a leash, toys, treats, and a crate (if using).

How Do I Care for My Puppy’s Teeth?

Getting your puppy used to routine tooth brushing will go a long way toward maintaining their oral health for years to come. It can take some time for your puppy to get used to the idea of toothbrushing, so patience is key. To get started, get them used to having your hands near their mouth and rub your finger or a cloth along the surface of their teeth. After trying that a few times, put a bit of doggy toothpaste on your finger and let them try it. Once they get used to the flavor, you can put a bit of the doggy toothpaste on the cloth and rub it over their teeth. Once you accustomed to this process, you can try a toothbrush designed for dogs. Don’t forget to give them lots of praise along the way!

What’s the Benefit of Microchipping a Puppy?

While ID tags on collars or harnesses are an important way to help a lost pet make their way home, they can fall off or be removed. A microchip is like a permanent ID tag for your puppy. It doesn’t require a battery and works by emitting a radio frequency when scanned. At The Family Puppy, all our pups are microchipped to help reunite lost puppies with their families. The microchips are registered with LostMyPet.com for the lifetime of your pet, all you need to do is access your account to get started.

What Should I Do in the First Week with My Puppy?

The first week with your new furry family member is the ideal time to start a routine (regular meal times, short training sessions, playtime, naps, etc.), along with setting boundaries. You’re going to be learning a lot about each other in the first week, so be prepared to spend lots of time with your pup!

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